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Welcome to our blended first aid at work course. This Requalification course is for learners who have completed the First Aid at Work course within the past three years and can provide a copy of a certificate that is in date or has expired within the past month.
If you do not have a certificate you would need to complete the full First aid at Work blended course which would be an additional 6 hours in the classroom.

The HSE and the Awarding Organisations now allow workplace first aid courses to be completed in a blended format to reduce the face to face teaching time by allowing you to study some of the course online.

The FAW requalification course, has up to now, had to be run over at least two days and have at least 12 contact classroom hours. Now with our blended training, the classroom time can be reduced to just one day with six hours of online training.

The first part of this course completed through our video online training where you will learn about many different first aid subjects in the FAW course as laid down by the HSE and Skills for Health and the second part is the practical modules which are completed with an approved ProTrainings Instructor nationally in one of hundreds of regional training centres or if there are a few of you who require training, an instructor can come to your workplace.

This course is available as a ProTrainings trade body qualification or a regulated qualification.on locally or at your workplace, please contact ProTrainings on 01206 805359 or email support@protrainings.eu

The way the course works is to watch some videos followed by knowledge review questions and you complete a test at the end. You can start and stop whenever you want and return to the course where you left off. You can watch again any video at any time during and after the course.

The course can be viewed on any device, so you can start the course on your computer and finish it on your smartphone or tablet.

On each page on the course, you can select text to read about the subject covered to support the video. You can also select to watch videos through our standard video player, direct from our site or by using YouTube player if you have any connection problems streaming the videos. This can be selected from underneath the video. Once you change settings, the whole course will be changed unless you change it again.

Once you have passed the test you can print off your completion certificate or at any time from the home page of this course where you can also print off your Certified CPD statement and the evidence-based learning statement.

With this course, there are many recourses and links to support your training and you can access these from the home page of this course. We are updating these recourses regularly, so have a look to see new material.

This may be an online course but you can still contact us if you need any support on your training course.

If you are responsible for training in your company, we offer free company dashboards. If you would like more information on our company solutions, please contact us by email, phone or using our online chat on any website.

Even after you pass your test, you still have access for 8 months from when you started the course so you can review videos and material if you need to refresh your skills or see new videos.

Finally, with all our online courses you can choose to receive free weekly refresher emails every Monday to keep your skills fresh and to see new videos that we add to the course. These emails also include news from our blog. You can select from the home page to receive these and you can stop them at any time.

Thank you for choosing ProTrainings and we hope you enjoy your course.