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In the workplace, there are lots of regulations and rules we need to follow. The HSE lay down lots of rules, as do other government departments. Now, these are far too complex for the individual first aider to know them all, but there is one regulation that we do need to be aware of. This is the First Aid at Work Regulations 1981. Now, this is the First Aid at Work Regulations 1981 Approved Code of Practice and Guidance. Now, this document is available for download, we've put a link to this in the download section of the website, so just go on to your download where you got your manual from and you'll see it there to download a copy of this straight off of the HSE website. Now, this summarizes all the main regulations involved in first aid. It'll go through the requirements of first aid rooms, the requirements of first aiders in the workplace. It gives different rules and regulations around what needs to be in a first aid kit and anything else that's relevant in the workplace. Now, as first aiders, even the in depth side of this may be a little bit above what you need to know, so the important thing with first aid regulations is, go back to your employer, find out what the rules and regulations in your workplace are, how it applies with this book, and any questions you can ask your employer to make sure that it all complies, but definitely have a look through this book, don't read it cover to cover, it's probably too much information for you. But generally speaking, if you need to use it as a reference or your employer does, then you can always print a copy off the HSE website and use this for reference.